Light for photo and video

Why is this source needed?

The photoflashlight is effective for professional photo or video shooting in a shaded room or outdoors (in low light). The compact size and the ability to use capacious batteries make it possible to work mobile and efficiently. The range of application is wide enough, from commercial wedding or scene shooting, to creative. Effective also in subject shooting. A wide range of focusing allows you to accentuate the necessary details. The device is a complete analogue of the flashlight Retlight. Convenience of mounting allows you to use several sources in any conditions, from the studio or premises, to remote locations in nature.

The photoflashlight is a stream source and therefore gives hard light. It can be combined with softer sources, used to emphasize individual details, set as backlight and, finally, used as the main drawing source (in the presence of elementary skills in working with hard light). Together with a reflection umbrella, a relatively soft light pattern can be obtained.

In the basic configuration, a battery assembly, a charger, a plastic rack mount (1/4 inch) are attached to the source.

See below for more details. If it is not enough, questions can be asked about the contact details indicated on the contact page. You can also make an order there.

Features of the flashlight:

Beam shape:

  • Made of high quality aluminum alloy (anodized aluminum)
  • Stepless brightness control, maximum brightness 2000 lm
  • Focusing the beam (with a moving lens)
  • Possible color temperatures of the diode: 3000, 3500 (usually available), 2700, 4000, 5000 kelvin (on request).
  • CRI diode index not lower than 90
  • Light weight: up to 500-600 gr with batteries
  • Charging through the socket in the case (no need to remove the batteries)
  • Possibility of attaching to a standard stand (1/4 inch) or to any protruding object using special devices (not included)
  • Can work from the battery assembly of 2, 3 or 4 batteries (depending on the size of the battery compartment)

Optional accessories


Curtains are designed to limit the modification of the luminous flux of the photoflashlight. Instead of a round spot, you can get a semicircle or gap, and the use of curtains eliminates the unwanted illumination of some parts of the subject. In the shape of the petals, they are similar to those used in sources intended for shooting video (dedolight and simpler analogs).

The curtains are made of high-quality metal, covered with textured matte paint and mounted under the lens mount of the photoflashlight.


Basic kit

Includes source, batteries, charger and simple 1/4 inch mount

In stock

Price 3300 UAH

Removable curtains

Four-leaf curtains for adjusting light output

In stock

Price 400 UAH


Additional charger

In stock

Price 150 UAH

Metal holder

Metal holder with ball head for rack mounting (standard 1/4 inch)

Not available

Price 250 UAH


  • How long does the flashlight work at full power?

    Operating time directly depends on the capacity and number of batteries. For typical elements with a capacity of 2700mAh: 2-section - 70-80 minutes, 3 - 110-120 minutes, 4 - 150-160 minutes.

  • Why do you need protection boards? Isn’t it easier to use just 2-3-4 batteries if the case sizes are adequate. You can buy them at any store and there is no need to order a welded assembly.

    Easier, but it will be worse for several reasons.

    1) the cases are designed for shorter elements of type D (or R20), and with modern batteries for the spring there is little space. With strong compression, the batteries become deformed and eventually lose their mutual contact, spot welding solves this problem.

    2) Lithium batteries cannot be used without a protection board. It protects cells from deep discharge, overcharging and short circuiting, thus increasing safety and battery life. You need either general protection for all elements (this is done), or individual for each (but the latter may not fit in the case).

  • Can I order a variable temperature source?

    No, this requires a different type of electronics. The bicolor LEDs of the required size are of poor quality, especially in terms of the spectral composition of the light, and are not intended for use in photo or video. The same applies to RGB controllers, so it makes no sense to develop such sources in the form of photo lights.

  • Is it possible to make a source with interchangeable LEDs of different temperatures?

    For effective cooling of the diode, not only the radiator on which it is viewed is used, but also the entire case. Heat transfer from the radiator to the casing is possible only through a threaded connection with it, where thermal grease is applied. Replacing the radiator together with the diode requires restoring the integrity of the thermal paste layer (it is advisable to do this every time), moreover, in the event that the thermal paste gets on your hands or clothes, it is difficult to wipe it. Therefore, such an opportunity is not provided and will not appear in the future.

  • Can I use higher brightness LEDs in this photo flashlight?

    Diodes of this size are and can be installed. But the power they consume (up to 30 watts) and, as a result, the heat dissipation are too large for efficient cooling by the radiator and the photoflash case. They need to be mounted already on radiators of a much larger area or use active fencing. The installation of such LEDs in the flashlight is impractical and will lead to their failure.

  • Can I use LiFePO4 elements instead of Li-ion?

    Cells LiFePO4 (lithium-iron-phosphate) are produced using more modern technology than Li-ion and have several advantages. They are considered more durable, but have a slightly lower capacity compared to lithium-ion. The battery life on a LiFePO4 battery is 35% less than on lithium-ion batteries. They can be used, but for the proper charging of such elements, special chargers are needed. It is not possible to use the charge and discharge control board, as in the assemblies on lithium-ion cells, since such boards are much larger and will not fit in the battery compartment.

  • Can I use third-party power supplies using the charging socket in the flashlight?

    You can use any third-party chargers that produce direct current up to 2A, and the voltage corresponding to the number of battery sections (total power should not exceed 20 watts). For detailed advice on these issues, you can contact our partners from the company GreenTECH , producing a variety of batteries for flashlights. A properly selected charger will ensure proper charging and long battery life. The power source connector for connecting to the flashlight should be 5.5x2.1 (one of the standards for chargers). An external source can be a charger that comes with a flashlight.

  • Is it possible to infect a photoflashlight and simultaneously turn it on for shooting?

    Can. The flashlight will work and charge at the same time. Due to the fact that part of the charger’s energy will go to power the flashlight, the battery will charge slightly more slowly.

  • How can I order replacement battery packs and can I use fewer cells?

    The minimum number of batteries is 2 cells. Regardless of the length of the case (3 or 4 batteries), the flashlight will work from a shorter assembly. The assemblies themselves can be ordered in any quantity from our partner GreenTECH , which produces modern batteries based on high-quality elements of the best brands.



Дневной свет, 3 источника 3500К и фоновый

3 источника 3500К и фоновый источник

1 источник 3000К со стороны камеры (с рук)

1 источник 3500К (со стороны камеры) и контровой

2 источника 3500К (рисующий источник с зонтом)

3 источника 3000К и фоновый свет

Дневной свет и источник 3000К (фонарик справа)

Смешанный свет (1 источник 3000К)

Два источника 3000К (основной и заполняющий)